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November 7, 2012.

As of November 7, 2012, had 410 unique visitors. While we are missing some early data, the activity of the site shows a predictable pattern of heavy activity at launch that has recently decreased. One of the more interesting metrics show that the rate of social referrals has recently dropped to very low levels. The bibliography page enjoyed the longest visits at almost 9 minutes on average. The chapters attracting the longest visits were literacy-under-siege, about-reading, and reading-addiction at 3 minutes on average per page. The chapters with the shortest visits were characteristics-of-post-literacy, and information-overload at 1 minute per page on average.

There was a significant difference in time spent on the site based on referral source. WordPress users (13% of the total) spent 8 minutes on the site. Twitter users (56% of the total) spent 3 minutes on the site. Facebook users (24% of all users) spent 1 minute on the site.

Devices / Operating Systems:

Windows: 55%
Macs: 28%
iOS (iPhone, iPad, or iPod): 14%
Linux or Android: 3%


Safari: 33%
Firefox: 26%
Chrome: 22%
Internet Explorer: 15%


Canada: 55%
United States: 38%
United Kingdom: 2%

Most visitor activity on the site involves comments on chapter 1. There were far fewer comments on later chapters.



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