Beyond Literacy: Some Reactions

An important aspect of the Beyond Literacy project is to nurture a wider discussion about literacy and post-literacy. These chapters are “starter kits” designed to intrigue and provoke. Here are a few reactions:

Walt Crawford “Rude Language and the Heat Death of Venting Steam

Lane Wilkinson: “Beyond Beyond Literacy

John Miedema: “Is Post-Literacy Just Another Term for Enlightenment?”

Tweets: #BeyondLiteracy and @BeyondLiteracy

And numerous comments on the site itself.

Recently the students in the class have been conducting video interviews (among themselves and with other students) to understand what post-literacy means to them.

Here are two of the interviews with students from the class:

Beyond Literacy: Word Association

This is a “streeter” with students on the University of Toronto St. George campus:


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