Beyond Literacy: Some Reactions

An important aspect of the Beyond Literacy project is to nurture a wider discussion about literacy and post-literacy. These chapters are “starter kits” designed to intrigue and provoke. Here are a few reactions: Walt Crawford “Rude Language and the Heat Death of Venting Steam“ Lane Wilkinson: “Beyond Beyond Literacy“ John Miedema: “Is Post-Literacy Just Another […]

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The Effects of Literacy

Writing is sometimes called visible language. This usefully distinguishes it from spoken language. Since visible language and spoken language are fundamentally different, it is possible to assert that the end of literacy does not mean the end of language. While spoken languages are ubiquitous and diverse, only a relatively few of the nearly 7,000 languages […]

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Achieving Literacy

The inherent difficulty of literacy explains the continuing struggle for global literacy. According to UNESCO in 2008 the world adult literacy rate is 84%. However, this masks significantly poorer levels in areas such as sub-Saharan Africa where the number of illiterate adults has actually increased since 1994. It also obscures the relatively low level of […]

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Literacy Under Siege

Literacy has been under siege for some time. The supposed agents of this threat have changed over the years but the perception remains constant. Television, movies, video games, mobile phones, and the Internet have all been identified as the culprits that rot the brain, desensitize, delude, and generally ruin the minds of the young (and […]

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